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작성일 : 14-06-21 02:59
닥터후 체험관 (Doctor who Experience) 6주간 클로징. 카팔디 닥터로 변경예정. 가실분은 참고 바랍니다~:)
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조회 : 1,071  
제대로 이해한건지는 모르겠지만.
카디프의 닥터후 체험관인 닥터후 익스피리언스가 9월 1일부터 6주간 문을 닫는다고 합니다.
더불어 닥터후 체험관에서 맷 닥터 버젼을 볼수 있는 기회는 8월 31일까지라고 하네요.
이거보러 카디프 가시는 닥터후 팬분들도 은근 유랑에 있을거라 알고 있는데..

참고 하세요~ +ㅁ+~/

출처 :


"Times change, and so must I" said the Doctor, on the verge of his unprecedented thirteenth regeneration - and the same is true for Cardiff s Doctor Who Experience.

Fans will only have until Sunday 31 August to fly the TARDIS and rescue the Eleventh Doctor - played by Matt Smith - from the Pandorica, as the existing storyline in the Experience s immersive adventure is to be refreshed. More details will be announced about the updated storyline later this year.

Fans wishing to take part in the current adventure can still book tickets up until the end of August at ≫.

The entire Experience, including its vast exhibition of Doctor Who sets, props and costumes, will close on 1 September for around six weeks.

When the attraction re-opens in time for the school holidays at the end of October, it will also welcome props from Series 8, the highly anticipated debut series of the Twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi.

The Doctor Who Experience are also announcing the return of their popular Walking Tours - guided trips around 30+ filming locations in Cardiff, from New New York to Apalapucia. The Tours will run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 14 June until 20 July, with more dates to be added throughout the summer holidays. Check the website for availability.

In 2014, the Doctor Who Experience was awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. The certificate was granted based on the quality of reviews and opinions that we have earned on Trip Advisor over the past 12 months
[출처] 닥터후 체험관 (Doctor who Experience) 6주간 클로징. 카팔디 닥터로 변경예정. 가실분은 참고 바랍니다~:) ([유랑]유럽여행의든든한동반자) |작성자 사자씨
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